Avize Viti Campus is a public establishment in link with the wine industry of Champagne

From a legacy of transmission…

In 1919, the legacy of the Puisard family allowed to meet the needs for training stemming from the phylloxera crisis. Thus, as soon as November 1927, the winegrowing school of Avize opened each Thursday afternoon during the winter time. Until 1939, winegrowing, oenology, tree-growing, barrel and basket making were taught there. In 1945, after World War II, the school reopened during the winter time, full-time now, teaching more general subjects: maths, French, accountancy. In 1974, an apprenticeship center was created. Three years later, the school became a general and vocational high school. In 1985, the Agricultural

Center for training and Career Development (CFPPA) was born. At the same time, the High School offered its first higher education courses. At the end of the previous century, it had become one the 3rd biggest French winegrowing vocational high school, and the CFPPA the largest in Champagne ­Ardenne. Based on its almost one-century-old history, and thanks to its continuous link of transmission, knowledge, know how, and multi­generational values, the Champagne high school has now become Avize Viti Campus. Its ambition being to become the model European cluster for wine-growing teaching of the 21 st century.

…To ambitions for the future

Open-mindedness and willpower are engraved in the genes of Avize Viti Campus. At the dawn of this new century, we have implemented a 5-axis action plan, in accordance with the political decisions, the needs of the winegrowing world, and the expectations of the learners and of their families.

School and social inclusion, and employability

Avize Viti Campus as an educational institution wishes to develop curriculums with an individual follow-up: the Learner is at the heart of everything.

Recognition and visibility of EPLEA

The expansion and the longevity of such a school highly depend on its image. Avize Viti Campus is represented in several events, inside and outside the Champenois winegrowing world.

Internal organization

Avize Viti Campus is currently reorganizing both its educational departments and the school daily life, particularly with the creation of a department dedicated to agricultural machinery and this with the unconditional support of the General Council of GRANDEST. Additionally, we are implementing projects around citizenship, in order to ensure a serene and pleasant environment.

Sustainable development

It’s Avize Viti Campus duty never to jeopardize the future generations’ capacity to meet their needs, so we endeavor to experiment and promote sustainable development methods.

Professional sectors and local, regional, international territories

Avize Viti Campus endeavors to provide answers matching the evolution of the professional needs, which means, in the years to come, developing higher level vocational training with a focus on international markets.

A school with manifold aspects

Avize Viti Campus is a true business, part of the public sector. 100 people work there full or part-time. Only 42 % of them are state or county civil servants, the others being paid by the school activities. About 1700 students attend the school (300 in the high school, 300 in the apprenticeship center, and 1100 in the CFPPA based at the school and the winegrowing estate). The school also includes a one-of-a-kind structure in this type of schools in France, the former student cooperative: Champagne Sanger.

It is led by a General Director, in charge of global supervision, team coordination, control and assessment of the educational project, and outward representation. Each center belonging to this facility is led by an Operational Director, ensuring the day to day running of the center, the human and financial management, the development strategy, the follow-up of projects, and the outside representation.

1 or 2 deputies assist each of them in its daily running and in implementing the educational decisions. The supporting departments are under the res­ponsibility of the General Secretary.

Some exemples of our trainings


Duration: 2 years

Prerequisite: end-of-high-school diploma (baccalaureate).

Teaches the technician to master the overall technical process for the production of the grapes and their transformation, in their different aspects.


Duration: 2 years

Prerequisite: end-of-high-school diploma (baccalaureate).

Gives the sales technician a two-fold competence with both a knowledge of wine and spirit production and of their marketing processes.


Duration: from 12 months to 5 years No prerequisite: everyone can attend, whatever age or background.

Created by the Ministery of Agri­culture and by all the professionals of the winegrowing sector to improve the French agriculture competitivity, they revolve around 4 main axes: general, professional, technical knowledge, and regional employability.


CFPPA also offers trainings to diplomas specific for winegrowers (pruning, and agro-machinery), and short term trainings in the following fields: winegrowing-environment, oenology, tasting, mechanics and machinery, environmental-friendly tourism and trade. They are custo­mized according to the needs.


Avize Viti Campus also offers curriculums in partnerships with the University of Reims Cham­pagne-Ardenne:

  • Professional bachelor’s degree in wine and spirit international trade
  • Professional bachelor’s degree in winegrowing and environment
  • National diploma of oenology (DNO)

Some exemples of our international programs

In accordance with the expectations of the Professionals, and with the school development project, promoting worldwide opening, Avize Viti Campus has set up several actions: « Erasmus Charter » labelling, participation to Erasmus + project.

Our Erasmus Charter

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